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Families are formed in many waysadoption of a baby, a family member, a stepchild or even an adult. Guardianship may be your only option or assisted reproduction may be what is best for you.

You may be a birth mother seeking options for an unplanned pregnancy or a family looking for a child to adopt and help with the legal issues regarding adoption or an assisted reproduction contract and subsequent legal issues.

We understand that your situation is unique and sensitive; our staff fully respects your concerns and privacy. We make sure your endeavor runs smoothly – from start to finish.

Why Hire an Family Formation Attorney?

Adoption and Family Formation law has changed significantly in recent years and Nanci Worcester has kept abreast of all these changes. The process has become much more complex, as have the legal issues that surround it. All parties have rights and for the process to have a positive outcome, all parties must have their needs met.

We provide these Legal Services:

Independent & Agency Adoptions
Pregnancy & Adoption Counseling
Adoption Counseling Service
Interstate Adoptions
Step-Parent Adoptions
Adult Adoptions
Termination of Parental Rights –
in an Adoption
Adoption Facilitation
Birthmother Representation
Surrogacy Contracts
Parental Adjudications
Grandparent Adoptions 

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