Nanci and her staff take the confusion out of the adoption and family formation process – making it easier for all parties. 

Nanci-WorcesterWAttorney Nanci Worcester started the Adoption Center (of Northern California) and Family Formation Law about thirty years ago because she knew firsthand the sorrow of infertility and the ultimate joy of parenthood.

After graduating from UCLA and earning her law degree from Southwestern University, Nanci decided to commit her practice solely to adoption and family formation law. This decision was primarily based on the experiences she and her husband went though in trying to start their own family.

After a series of failed attempts to have a child naturally, she, too, looked to other options to build her family. Ultimately, she went through the adoption process and, twice, experienced the joy of each child’s birth. She is the proud mother of two delightful, productive and well-adjusted young adults. Nanci is much more than a “facilitator” or a lawyer throughout the legal process – she’s a friend, a confidant, and an ally.


Nanci,-Marcia,-DebbieWOur Staff:

Nanci Worcester is a Fellow in good standing of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, an association of attorneys, judges, and law professors throughout the United States who are dedicated to the highest standards of practice in the field of adoption law. As such, she adheres to the code of ethics of that association. She is an attorney who has specialized in this field since 1986. Her goal is to provide the legal expertise and sensitivity required in a personalized adoption plan, assisted reproduction matter or surrogacy. Nanci’s experience ensures that the legal issues surrounding these issues will be handled correctly and promptly – providing peace of mind for all parties.

Deborah Simonds is the Adoption and Family Formation Coordinator and Paralegal. She has been working with Nanci Worcester since early 1986. Debbie brings a positive, pragmatic, and compassionate insight to every situation. She is highly competent, professional and experienced in adoption, assisted reproduction and surrogacy related legal matters.

Marcia Pennington is the Office Administrator. Her cheerful voice is usually the first to greet you. She is easy to talk to, as she is genuinely kind and caring. She is the “auntie” every birth mother loves to talk to and an advocate for all. Marcia’s role as friend and facilitator is invaluable in keeping clients, birthmothers, surrogates, and prospective parents informed and reassured throughout the entire adoption and/or surrogacy process.

Lucy-at-Birthday-1Our office assistant Lucy looks forward to meeting you too.

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