GABEY-GLASSESOur legal services include drafting and reviewing Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy contracts and preparing court documentation required for parental adjudication.

Assisted Reproduction refers to the use of medical techniques, such as drug therapy, artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, to enhance the ability to become pregnant.

When infertility treatments do not result in a pregnancy, prospective parents may decide to turn to a third party using Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). This assistance can be through the use of the Intended Parent’s own eggs and sperm or any combination of thereof including sperm donation and egg donation using a surrogate or gestational carrier.

Once Intended Parents are matched with a Surrogate Mother or Gestation Carrier, the first legal process commences. This entails preparation of the Assisted Reproduction Agreement contract, which must ultimately be signed by all parties and their attorneys.

Whether pregnancy was accomplished by way of a Surrogate or Gestational Carrier, the second legal process must be commenced prior to the birth of the baby. A pre-birth Court Order is necessary to establish the Intended Parents as the legal parents of the child.

California law requires both the Surrogate or Gestational Carrier and the Intended Parents to be represented by legal counsel. The process can be confusing for all parties. We are here to help.

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