1a83a47eaf398ec550705f8c810ef8ce_jyp7Adoption is a loving option for a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, who is not ready or able to parent at this time in her life. In open adoption, the secrecy of years gone by is replaced by trust between the adopting couple and the birth parents and birth family. For the birth mother to be able to stay in contact with the child is a significant change from handing her baby over to a social worker and knowing she will never see her child again. Open adoption allows the child to know she has two families who love her… her  Mommy and Daddy she lives with and who care for her daily needs, and her birth parents who loved her enough to choose the kind of life for her that they were unable to provide at the time of her birth.

Adoption & Family Formation Law Center is a compassionate adoption service dedicated to assisting women in creating a personalized adoption plan based solely on what is important to them. We are proud of the wonderful pre-screened adoptive families we have for you to consider and can provide immediate assistance with living, relocation, housing, medical, legal, and counseling needs and expenses. Our birth mother advisors are expert problem solvers and advocates who are available for you to speak with and fully confide in.

We offer every type of adoption plan. Our priority is to ensure that you make all of the BEST Possible Decisions concerning your adoption plan.