dreamstime_xs_48802990An unplanned pregnancy often means there are difficult decisions to consider.

These decisions ultimately need to be based upon accurate information and sound advice – not myth, not the media, not external pressures, but based upon what is best for the mother and child.

We understand that you may feel vulnerable, afraid and alone. We are here to help you with those difficult decisions. We can help with counseling, housing, medical, and other pregnancy related expenses.

You personally choose the child’s adoptive family and the extent of contact throughout the child’s life. We will guide you through this process and be there when you need us.

Adoption is a loving option for a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, who is not ready or able to parent at this time in her life. In open adoption, the secrecy of years gone by is replaced by trust between the adopting family and the birth parents and birth family.  

We are here to help provide the information you need to make a personal plan. We will answer your questions about adoption with no obligation and no pressure. All services are confidential and free to you.

Please contact us to discuss your adoption needs.